Black Gemstones That Dazzles

Black Gemstones That Dazzles

black gemstones

Black is a bold color and beautiful too. Night black is modern trend to follow for creating statement as it is an excellent contrast with any other color. The resilient black gemstones are unique creation of nature. Most popular black stones used in jewelry are diamonds, pearls, opals, onyx, Tourmaline, Agate and Sapphire. Since prehistoric times the black gemstones have became fashionable for the style conscious women.

Black Diamond- Diamond lures every time it comes in front of women, be it colorless or colored. Little black gemstones are classic yet versatile pieces. The basic unit of Diamond is carbon which is arranged in three-dimensional structure. The heavy inclusions (graphite) in it gives it lopsided strong grey-black color naturally, the even black color diamond may be irradiated. Lapidaries may find it difficult to cut due to high density of inclusions on the cleavages and factures. Sotheby auctioned world famous 67-carat Black Orlov, a natural black diamond for $1.5 million in 2005. Black Star of Africa at 202.00 carat is another notable Black Diamond. Scaled 10 on Hardness level Diamond is the hardest and this makes Black Diamond durable gem for every day wear. Out of many black gemstones, black diamond, though as dark as night does not lack in sparkle, its faceted planes exhibits brilliance that only a diamond can.

Black Pearl- Pearls are preferred, powerful accessory adorning leading ladies to common women. Your little black dress has now got a good match as natural black Pearl. They are rare exotic organic gem. Large black Tahitian Pearls are very coveted for their profound luster. Most Pearls we come across are manmade. The growing popularity of black gemstones, especially Tahitian Pearls from past decade among intercontinental jewelry designers made it most cultured gem. In 1960 with the pioneering black pearl culturing industry it is cultured in striking colors like pistachio green, soft to deep silver-grey, charcoal and dark inky color.

Black Onyx- One of the important black gemstones, Onyx was believed to be one of the twelve gemstones embedded in Aaron’s breastplate once to an important. Onyx is opaque black stone with or without white streaks with a dull waxy luster. An Eye-catching large polished and faceted black onyx has both style and versatility. Designers were inspired by great demand of black gemstones in Victorian times and that’s how black onyx was plunged into prehistoric jewelry. Dramatic contrast with silver setting in Art Deco jewelry is a bold statement. Beautiful cameos, cabochons or faceted, black onyx looks stunning. Black onyx is chalcedony quartz of 6.5-7 Mohs hardness so it is strong enough for everyday wear.

Black gemstones are used in both men and women jewelry. The incredibly glossy luster of a cut and polished black gem behold great beauty. Dark stones were part of 19th century Victorian mourning jewelry and breastplate of Aaron. They possess mysterious appeal. Imagine the glow on your partner’s face when you gift him black spinel cuff links. Black no more means gloominess; black gemstones give reason to rejoice special stature.

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